Breakfast Time

Bread products lie at the very heart of this inimitable French art of living. Bread, which is hot, fresh, and having the top most quality. At Café Noir, our bread is made even today, exactly as it was made in the beginning: with flour, salt and water, kneaded and shaped by hand and baked in a hearth under the watchful eye of artisan bakers. These rustic and fancy loaves are then placed with a wide range of Viennese and fine pastries of the day.

You won’t find ‘sell by’ dates on our fresh breads, Viennese and pastries. We don’t sell ‘factory’ stuff. We love it that our fresh and fragile ingredients finish quickly at the end of the day – we start from scratch each morning.

“Bread – good bread – real bread “…

That’s what our executive pastry and bakery chef recalls about first coming to Bangalore.Country baguettes, large and round wheat breads, Panini,Pan-bagnat – all baked fresh everyday by our master baker and his skilled team.

Transform your breakfast into a gourmet delight with our Viennoiseries

Our perfect croissants (butter plain croissant), pain au chocolat (chocolade bread) and all others Viennoiseries (pain au raisins, brioches) have a mouth-watering crisp crust and are deliciously soft inside. Our recipe uses butter, lightly rolled-in puff pastry, salt and sugar to give you an incomparably rich and tasty croissant. Don’t forget to have a look (and more) on our teacakes and muffins (in various flavours like lemon, blueberries, banana, choco/nuts) and ask one of our bakers to prepare any one of our specialities, the crêpe or the waffle for you. It tastes amazing!

With Frenchies:

Bread: When you cut up a Café Noir loaf to serve at dinner, don’t slice it too thickly, and try to keep the slices regular. Offer the bread basket to your neighbor to help himself. Never pick up a slice with your fingers and give it to him. When eating bread, don’t pull a piece off with your teeth. Tear a manageable mouthful off with your fingers, pop it into your mouth and close your mouth, chew and swallow. Although Café Noir bread is irresistibly delicious, don’t eat so much of it that you have no room for the meal itself.

Discover our “Café Noir Petit-Déjeuner” on the terrace, far from the tumult of the world!

On Saturday and Sunday on the terrace, enjoy a French continental breakfast under the sun of Bangalore

You will find full and varied breakfast options, just right for starting the day on a good note! Smell, see and taste our large range of coffees, home baked Viennoiseries, crusty baguettes and breads, fresh fruit juices, smooth hot chocolates, French toasts, countryside jams, omelettes, bacon and eggs, crêpes, waffles and many more.

Breakfast is served until 10AM and until midday on weekends. It includes everything from freshly baked bread with butter and jam, croissants and a cappuccino or a selection of hearty hot breakfasts. The Café Noir Petit-Déjeuner on the terrace is a new morning way of life and is perfect for a brunch.

With Frenchies:

Coffee and tea: Your spoon is only to stir any sugar and help it to dissolve. Don’t lick it. Don’t leave it in your cup – put it on the saucer. Hope that your hostess will provide madeleines or mini muffin, macaroons from Café Noir to accompany your tea or coffee. If you are worried that she might not do so, bring them with you as a gift.

Breakfast: If a dinner à deux is a roaring success and your guest is still there for breakfast, putting the box of cereal on the table and saying ‘help yourself’ will be a bit of a letdown. To show how much you care, serve warm Café Noir croissants, pains au chocolat and brioches. Provide butter, jam, freshly squeezed orange juice and a good cup of tea or coffee from Café Noir. Perfect!