Deli Corner

The elegance of France and the unforgettable joys of French cuisine –that’s what you will consistently find at our restaurants in Bangalore. Whether you are visiting us for the first time or are one of our treasured and faithful regulars, we are committed to providing you with an affordable dining experience in a casual ambience.

Café Noir is pleased to greet you in our French bistro style setting. The fresh produce we use stand as a guarantee of delicious and tasty meals that will satisfy your appetite in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy a delightful experience, discover our delicate French cuisine: our extensive choice of French wines and champagnes, our “Weekly Specials”, delightful dishes inspired by traditional French cuisine and a wide range of tantalising desserts.

The chef prepares specials every week that are always full of new ideas and incorporates spontaneity, incredible creativity and impressive talents in his dinner dishes. Be sure to ask your server about the day’s specials or check them out on our blackboards.

With Frenchies:

Eating: Never start to eat before everyone has been served. Wait for your hostess to start eating. Don’t eat with your mouth open or speak with your mouth full. We know that our desserts and patisserie are sensational, but don’t shovel them into your mouth too greedily. Take the time to savour them. Never put your knife in your mouth, as not only is this bad manners, but the knife may be sharp. Don’t sing or whistle whilst eating, no matter how much the Café Noir Fresh Mango Tatin with a little fresh cream lifts your spirits. Don’t put your elbows on the table. Don’t clean your teeth at the table.

Wines and Cheeses – an important part of the French culinary tradition

Take wing over France and be touched by the beauty of the lands. Admiring markets laden with cheeses to buy, taste and you too will understand. Café Noir has a love affair with traditional French cheeses and would like to share it with you.

The subtle art of pairing wine, cheese and food is one of the fundamentals of gastronomy. Café Noir owners are passionate about seeking out the best vintners for you – those who love their region and make only the best wines.

Our ‘Cheese Platters’ are served with bread, figs jam, grapes or apple, a seasoned salad, with (or without) a glass of wine to enjoy this unique meal.

With Frenchies:

Cheese: When helping yourself to cheese, especially when there is a choice of runny and other cheeses, remember to wipe the cheese knife on the side of your plate so that your neighbour doesn’t find Roquefort in his Brie, for example. Don’t forget to serve a selection of Café Noir bread to compliment the different cheese – wheat bread, baguette, for example.