Lunch Time

A mid-shopping break, a light snack lunch with friends, family or colleagues. A stopgap nibble between meals…reasons for spending time with us in the refined and warm atmosphere at Café Noir are endless.

Enjoy this Parisian ambience with our typical lunch bistro menu. At Café Noir you will find the best of French-style eating, a huge choice of healthy and original sandwiches, salads, soups, quiches, croque-monsieur, cheeses platters and desserts with selected red, rosé and white wines – all prepared on the premises, each morning to guarantee the perfect, fresh lunch.

All of the products offered by Café Noir are prepared to the same high standards, which have made French cuisine famous the world over.

The chef specials of the week

Every week, our French executive chef and his team guarantee a tasty and original range of generous dishes for the entire family accompanied with very affordable prices, composed of highest references of the French cuisine meals revisited in our “SPECIALS OF THE WEEK”

Lots of fresh and seasoned salads to enjoy each day

A light and easy pasta and pesto salad, a sunny Middle-East tabbouleh, the Monte Carlo (mozzarella cheese), the Parisian (ham and hard-boiled egg), the Nicoise (tuna), the Caesar (grilled chicken and bacon), the Farmer (cubes of chicken and boiled potatoes), the Atlantic (smoked salmon), the Greek (Feta cheese), the Homeland (Parma ham and goat cheese) and many more.

With Café Noir assume to be a man and a “quiche-eater”*

*(Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche, by American Bruce Feirstein, is a bestselling tongue-in-cheek book satirising stereotypes of masculinity, published in 1982).

Our ‘Home-made quiches’ (pronounced keesh) are a type of an open pie. An oven-baked savoury dish made with eggs and milk or cream in a pastry crust. Other ingredients such as cooked chopped meat, vegetables, or cheese are often added to the egg-mixture before the quiche is baked.

Daily hot soups served with slices of our homemade bread

The established French classifications of clear soups are bouillon and consommé. Thick soups can be purées (vegetable soups thickened with starch); bisques (puréed shellfish thickened with cream); cream soups (thickened with béchamel sauce) and veloutés are thickened with eggs, butter and cream.

Sandwiches: stuffed the French way!

Do it your way: Pick a French filling, choose from of our list of homemade breads and realise your personal sandwich.

Initially perceived as food men shared while gaming and drinking at night, the sandwich slowly began appearing in polite society as a late-night meal among the aristocracy. The sandwich’s popularity in Holland, Spain and England increased dramatically during the 19th century and is becoming a MUST at Café Noir when it’s served with French fries and a seasoned salad.

Our sandwiches are handmade throughout the day in our local kitchen, using only freshly baked bread and quality ingredients to create recipes with a French twist that we know you will like!

Crunch it!

The name is based on the verb croquer (to crunch) and the word monsieur (mister) – the reason behind the combination of the two words is unclear and will be left to your own appreciation and imagination. We also make a “Croque-Madam” so typically a “Croque” is a hot ham and cheese (Emmental or Gruyère) grilled sandwich, but keeping in mind our vegetarian guests, we have a vegetarian version of the sandwich too.

The French touch! Even on the Burgers or the Fish & chips!

In the late 18th century, the largest ports in Europe were in Germany. Sailors, who had visited the ports of Hamburg, Germany and New York, brought this food and term ‘Hamburg steak’ into popular usage. In 1802, the Oxford English Dictionary defined Hamburg steak as salt beef. It had little resemblance to the hamburger we know today. It was a hard slab of salted minced beef, often slightly smoked, mixed with onions and breadcrumbs. The emphasis was more on durability than taste.

Today, Café Noir as some others, rehabilitated a high-quality hamburger patty made entirely of ground (minced) beef and seasonings; this may be described as an ‘all-beef hamburger’ or ‘all-beef patties’ to distinguish them from inexpensive hamburgers made with added flour, textured vegetable protein, ammonia treated defatted beef trimmings or other fillers to decrease their cost. We also use our daily fresh burger breads and the chef takes care to add the right fillings (seafood, chicken or vegetarian patties) to match the palate of each of our guests.

With Frenchies:

Sitting down to Eat: Men take their seats after women. Once everyone is seated, if a woman gets up from the table, it is customary for all the men to get up as well. It is also customary for men to stand up when new guests arrive – unless they are children. Women remain seated. If a woman returns to the table or arrives late, the men must stand and remain standing until she has sat down. After all that, you will have worked up an appetite for some Café Noir culinary dishes.