Catering Service

Café Noir is a genuine, contemporary, up-market French restaurant with elegant design, carefully selected music to create a pleasant ambiance and situated on a large open terrace to welcome our guests at any time of the day.

Our single objective: promote a certain “French Art de Vivre” through a large choice of food and products in a casual café atmosphere.

With its heartfelt hospitality and the quality of its traditional cuisine – bread and pastries, Café Noir sets you in a typical bistro ambiance that characterises every great French city. Here, the duck confit competes with the veggie burgers; the Caesar salad accompanies the fish soup and the homemade sandwiches. We always have something to satisfy the taste buds.

Like all bistros, where it is nice to enjoy life, Café Noir has its regular customers who know how to savour the unique ambiance and atmosphere to talk business, redo the world, nourish any love conversation or even listen to the latest French romantic ballades. Students, businessmen, artists, retired people, shoppers, expats, families and friends; they all contribute to the originality and the quality of this very unique place. Great tables have great customers.

With Frenchies:

The French use various expressions in everyday conversations that are more or less in conjunction with food. Some of them are funny and not just common sayings, more so colloquial and slang that are used sometimes in fashion and sometimes not so. Examples such as à toutes les sauces (lit: with all the sauces): in all sorts of ways, avoir une faim de loup (to have the hunger of a wolf): to be ravenous/starving hungry, les carottes sont cuites (lit: the carrots are cooked): I’ve had it/that’s enough