Our Frech Food

Breakfast time

  • “Bread – good bread – real bread “…

  • Transform your breakfast into a gourmet delight with our Viennoiseries

The Lunch Menu – Take time out in the new French Bistros of Bangalore

  • Our “Specials of the Week”

  • Fresh and Seasoned Salad

  • Home-made Quiches

  • Daily Hot Soups served with slices of our home-made bread

  • Sandwiches: Stuffed the French Way!

  • Crunch it!

  • The French Touch! Even on the Burgers!

Parisian tea time

  • French macaroons – the magic of almonds

  • Crêpes and waffles – to remember our childhood

  • Quench your thirst and remake the world at Café Noir (Bar and mocktails)

Pastries – everything for the sweet tooth

  • Fraisier – Almond and Fresh Fruit

  • Tarte Tatin – Apple and Caramel

  • Opera – Choco and Coffee Ganache

  • Nocturne – Vanilla Mousse and Apricot Coulis

  • Tutti Fruity Sable

  • Cotton Candy and Strawberry Tart

French Dinner

  • Tartine – Warm Bread with Delicate Vegetables Topped with Cheese

  • A Glass, A Carafe of French Wine, Why not Simply the Bottle?

  • Grilled or Poached Fish

  • Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork with Bearnaise, Pepper Corn or Blue Sauce

  • The Typical Quiche Lorraine and Many More

With Frenchies:

Sitting down to Eat: :Men take their seats after women. Once everyone is seated, if a woman gets up from the table, it is customary for all the
men to get up as well. It is also customary for men to stand up when new guests arrive – unless they are children. Women remain seated. If a
woman returns to the table or arrives late, the men must stand and remain standing until she has sat down. After all that, you will have
worked up an appetite for some Café Noir culinary dishes.