Tea Time

For our Parisian Tea time in the afternoon, give in –
go for our irresistible French fine pastries, macaroons, fruit tarts and cakes; their flavour perfectly set off by the aromas of a large range of selected fine teas, blended teas, and infusions to caress your senses with the added joy of our amazing coffees to begin the journey, not forgetting our inventive mocktails to refresh your Parisian stop at Café Noir.

Anytime is Tea time for the French. In other words, ‘le goûter’ or ‘le quatre heures’ the 4PM afternoon snack as it is known is often prepared for children who have returned from school, hungry. It is different from the tea party in France, which is a little formal party in the afternoon given at home for adult guests, usually between 5PM and 7PM. It consists of tea, juices, lemonades, or syrups, pastries, petits fours, and biscuits or cakes. The cocktail-party is only given after 7 o’clock, and includes alcohol, as the ‘tea’ doesn’t.

Café Noir selects one of the most famous tea creator products for its restaurants. Today, Dammann Frères perpetuates three-generation know-how in selecting, importing, tasting and creating new tea flavours. Originated in Ceylon, Darjeeling or Assam, Japan or China, black, green or white, each tea is a story, which Café Noir proposes you discover in one of its restaurants.

With Frenchies:

Greetings: Greet friends and family with ‘La Bise’, a kiss to each cheek, starting with the right, and accompanied by the words “Salut! Ça va?” or similar. Kissing on the lips should be a private activity, as should feeding each other Café Noir chocolate or coffee éclairs…

Pastries – everything for the sweet tooth

From the classic mille-feuille to our most graphic creations, from the classic flavours to the tastiest surprises, you will be enthralled by the inspiration of our executive pastry chefs as they redefine the art of the dessert for your personal delectation.

French macaroons – the magic of almonds

When feelings are often stronger than reason, taste buds reign supreme! Café Noir has perfected a new recipe, based on genuine, old-fashioned values: almonds, egg white, sugar – and nothing else. The result is a little round cake, full of taste, crisp on the outside, with a richly flavoured creamy inside. So how do you take yours? With coffee, or hot chocolate?

Crêpes & waffles – to remember our childhood

To satisfy your sweet craving it is best that you treat yourself to a fresh crêpe or some waffles. We’ve added more flavours and fillings from pear and honey to Suzette. Add cream or ice cream for a little decadence! And of course there are always our much-loved patisseries if you prefer.

Quench your thirst & remake the world at Café Noir (Bar and mocktails)

We have a drink for everyone, and if you just want to come for a chat with friends, have a drink and relax, we are the place for you.

A full menu of hot and cold drinks is available, and Café Noir is also licensed to serve alcohol (wines, sparkling and champagnes). Our bartenders serve fabulous mocktails and shakes, the best coffees in Bangalore, tea, blended tea, infusions, frozen drinks as well as a great selection of French wines to choose from by the bottle, or try one of our great house wines by the glass.

After all we are a Café right? But what exactly is a French café?

“The café is a lively place with a staff that offers a warm and personalised welcome. It should be comfortable, clean and welcoming, with reasonable prices corresponding to the quality of service. Historically, the café has been a meeting place for families, friends and even conspirators, a club for those who had no club.” So come and say hello, we’ll be happy to get to know you, we want to be your club.

Chandran Sankaran

Chandran Sankaran may run a software company during the week, but on Saturdays at 4PM, he slips into his “secret second life” here at Café Noir. With his guitar and versatile voice, he covers acoustic rock tunes from yesterday and today, and makes time slow down as you enjoy the lazy, warm afternoon with friends. Call us in advance, or check his Facebook page, if you want to make sure he is playing on a given day – since he does travel a bit.

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